A limited edition, hand wrapped with publisher’s seal, includes the original programme from the Tower performance. The programme is inlaid with knotted red thread and miniature bottle portraying the protective and healing beliefs of the 17th century.


Six generations of women are brought together in this fascinating play, highlighting the oppression and suffering of women during the witch-hunts in Scotland and beyond. This edition allows a glimpse of Karen Strang’s powerful imaginings featured in her exhibition 'The Burn and the Tide.' Her fascinating work expresses the pain of the tortured and murdered victims of a particularly vicious and aggressive period in history.

The Devil's Mark: Limited Edition

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  • Author: Jannette Archibald with art by Karen Strang

    Designed & published by: Heather Ann Dowd

    Language: English/Scots

    Paperback: 54 pages

    ISBN: 9780954728656

    Dimensions: h249mm x w175mm